Season Analysis: How was Season 3 of Happy Endings different from the other seasons?  Alex and Dave got back together and then ultimately broke up, which was fine, but not all that significant.  Penny got engaged and then called off the engagement, so that was something.  Other than that, it never stopped being funny.
(Thanks to fishsticktheatre for the screen cap.)


“More Like Stanksgiving”
The Happy Endings crew spent Thanksgiving watching an unaired episode of The Real World with Max and Brad in the cast and the rest of the gang as houseguests during their college days.  It was fun seeing these actors summoning the nineties versions of themselves, but the truly memorable action of this episode took place in the present day.  Dave – who never misses an opportunity to bring up his (miniscule) Native American heritage – seeks to give his friends an authentic Navajo Thanksgiving, with disastrous results.  In the first couple of seasons, I had pointed Zachary Knighton out as the (relative) weak link of the cast, but he stepped up to the plate in Season 3, as evidenced well here.  Anyway, nobody has even realized that Dave has been away while they have been watching The Real World.  Even after he returns cold and empty-handed, Max insists that Dave was the one who had just handed him a beer.  Everybody in this group of friends is a little insane, but it is perfectly fine because the bizarre machinations of their brains allow them to deal with each other’s frequent insensitivity.