Season Analysis: Parks and Recreation is interested in protecting the status quo at this point, and that could be fine, but for a show with as high a standard as Parks, it really wasn’t fine in Season 5.

Parks-and-Recreation-Jerry-Retires“Jerry’s Retirement”
Parks and Recreation could learn a lesson about how to write for Leslie Knope by paying attention to how it has written Jerry Gergich.  P&R had a bit of an issue in Season 5 in that basically everything always worked out for Leslie.  Sure, she has had some headaches as a city councilwoman, but for the most part, her past year has been astoundingly successful.  Jerry has hardly had this same success, but he has managed to achieve his main life goal of retiring comfortably.  But apparently once upon a time, he had other life goals, like having lunch in the executive dining room and meeting a former Pawnee mayor.  When Leslie isn’t able to help Jerry achieve these goals, he is still basically happy.  But Leslie still feels the need to make sure Jerry is doing well, which leads her to his house, where she spends breakfast with the Gergiches.  They flip through photo albums and sing songs, and Leslie witnesses just how much his beautiful wife and beautiful daughters love him – about as much as any husband and father could possibly be loved.  That is how you maintain the status quo and remain entertaining.