CREDIT: Rosalind O’Connor/NBC

This is my tenth season reviewing SNL episodes, and it feels like a good time to mix up the format. So that’s what I’m doing for Season 45! Here’s how it will work: I’ll provide my thoughts on all the sketches, while also kind of painting the story of me watching the show.

We kick off Season 45 with a couple of new featured cast members (it was almost three, but getting into that is a whole ‘nother thing), Mr. Woody Harrelson hosting for the fourth time, and young’un Billie Eilish making her musical guest debut. I ran a 10-mile race early on Sunday, so this was one of those times where I went to sleep early on Saturday, watched a couple of sketches early in the morning, and then caught the rest after my race. It’s actually a formula for plenty of laughs!

The cold opening opens up, and naturally enough Alec Baldwin is playing Mr. Trump in the Oval Office (Grade: 2 Only in America’s). There was a bit of a delayed reaction on the audience cheering Liev Schreiber. Anyway, in struts Woody for his Monologue (Grade: 3 All-Good Vibes) – he’s a fashionista! Also, he keeps “accidentally” saying things that are kind of offensive, but not especially so. What a goofy guy! On to to the Impeachment Town Hall (Grade: 3.5/5 School Librarian Falls), which mainly focused on the four “actual candidates.” Maya Rudolph sure was having a hell of a time as Kamala Harris, but my biggest takeaway was Chris Redd’s Cory Booker saying, “I’m black to be here.”

What do we got next? Why, it’s Sun’s Out Nevada (Grade: Way Too Much Cheeto Dust) and the World’s Biggest Cheeto. Bonus points go to Cecily and Kenan for their signature trademark deadpan deliveries. At this point I made myself a sandwich for lunch, and Billie Eilish was ready for her first song. It’s her big, big, big hit, “Bad Guy” (Grade: 4.5/5 Camera Tricks). She was in a little floating room in the middle of the stage that was filmed to make it look like she was sometimes standing sideways, and sometimes upside-down. Total Jamiroquai vibes and already an early legit contender for best musical guest of the season.

What’s that? Now it’s Weekend Update time, as I predicted (based on past patterns). It’s a relatively short outing for Michael and Colin, with only one guest: Kenan as Big Papi Ortiz (Grade: 15 Kenan Enjoying Himselfs). I keep thinking this bit has been done to death, but then he brings up things like a pelican (or “Pelocon”) using “Hairbnb,” and I’ve gotta laugh! Up next is the Locker Room Halftime (Grade: 3/5 Snickers), and for a sketch about a vein popping out of a penis, it surprisingly didn’t make me that lightheaded. More politics is up next on Inside the Beltway (Grade: 3.75899993/5 Giggle Fits), which operates by the premise that nothing that Trump does will ever be scandalous to change anything, but I’m more interested in how crazy-long the transitions within this sketch last, which, it turns out, is a formula for an SNL stagehand accidentally getting caught on camera. Live TV, people! Oh yeah, there’s a fake Downton Abbey trailer (Grade: 3/5 Fake Trailers), which made me laugh while I also thought, “This is almost TOO silly!” One more song for Billie E.: “I Love You” (Grade: 4/5 Songs), alongside her brother and collaborator Finneas in matching checkered brown outfits. I appreciate the visual consistency, even though I prefer bright colors. Next, we FINALLY get to Kyle Mooney’s first starring gig of the season, Dad (Grade: 17 Hurray’s). Oh yeah, this is totally my shiz. Kyle doing affectless goofing around with weird tropes, Woody playing along. I’m in four minutes of heaven.

And finally we conclude with Chickham’s Apple Farm (Grade: 3/5 Aidy & Kate Teamups). Does this sketch make me cancel my plans to go apple picking in upstate New York? No, because I never had such plans in the first place.