CREDIT: Rosalind O’Connor/NBC

Oh wow, we’ve already reached the third episode of this season of Saturday Night Live. Mr. Host is David Harbour, one of the stars of Netflix hit series Stranger Things, Season 3 of which arrived way back on July 4. But I hope that some people are still making their way through it because TV is so much better when you spread it out. Musical guest is Camila Cabello, who is tall enough to ride this ride. I was attending a wedding as this episode was actually airing, which means I was up way past my bedtime. The matrimonial celebrating was quite intense, but it didn’t rob me of my ability to laugh.

First up is politics. Look, I’m obviously not going to complain whenever Billy Porter shows up, but the CNN Equality Town Hall (Grade: 1 L) really didn’t have much to say. David Harbour’s Monologue (Grade: 3 Upsides of 5 Downs), meanwhile, had at least one note of unpredictability, but then subverted its way back to predictability by declining to talk about Stranger Things but then returning to the subject once he headed to the Upside Down backstage. Now, in case you were wondering, I had scrambled eggs, a toasted bagel, and a donut for breakfast. I don’t think that affected my consumption of the episode one way or the other, but I thought you should know. The Little Miss Teacher’s Friend pageant (Grade: 3/5 Knowing Winks) is a good sketch to watch with your parents, especially if one (or both) of them is a teacher. I saw a Deadline headline about the Grouch trailer (Grade: 4/5 Trash Cans) before watching, so it was spoiled a bit for me, but no big deal. Like a lot of recent SNL trailer parodies, it leaned a bit too much into the quick cheesy jokes, but otherwise, this was kind of excellent. Great committed performance by Harbour.

I’ve never been to a Soulcycle class. If you have, feel free to let me know if the Soulcycle sketch (Grade: 2/5 Probable Psychopaths). Camila Cabello was giving off full Marie Antoinette realness for “Cry for Me” (Grade: 4/5 Trust Dips), and I’ve gotta say, it had a real rockin’ edge to it. I likey.

After getting my regular morning run in, I returned to my beloved SNL and kicked Weekend Update into high gear, and nicely enough, our friends, teenage movie reviewer Bailey Gismert (Grade: 3.5/5 Awkward Crushes) and SNL cast member Pete Davidson (Grade: 3/5 STDs) were there to join us. Not an Update outing that’ll blow anyone away, but the vibes were nice. The Bob Rogers Show (Grade: 2.5/5 Numbers) is the latest example of how SNL, especially Kate and Aidy, love to sing silly songs that ramble on and on. Though my laughter is scattered, I’ll allow it. And then before we go to our next commercial, Kyle Mooney gets to team up with Harbour for the Father-Son Podcasting Microphone (Grade: 4/5 Comforting Cadences), and I’ve gotta say, while history will remember Grouch as the most famous sketch of this episode, I think I liked this pre-taped routine just a little bit more.

I’m often a little bit wary when an SNL sketch starts in some random family house, and the scene with the horny Italian grandparents is the kind of unstructured nonsense I’m afraid of, so that’s why I’m giving Sauce a Grade of 1.5/5 Confused Grandchildren. Camila Cabello sounded pretty good once again in her second number, “Easy” (Grade: 3.5/5 Ca Bay ‘o’ Pigs), but I’ve gotta be honest, what I was wondering about while watching her was, what percent of her height is her legs? We finish it up with Dog Court (Grade: 4/5 Rambunctious Pugs) (and I’m already at this point eating leftover pizza for lunch!), and while dog-based SNL sketches can be pretty dicey, this one was pretty masterful. I’ve gotta say, I liked this one even more than Grouch and the Father-Son Podcasting Microphone.

Our next new episode is on October 26 with Chance the Rapper pulling double duty. And even though the guy in those those Cheez-It commercials looks like him, I’m pretty sure it’s not him.