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I love movies.

I love films.

I love flicks.

It was a great time to be alive in the 2010s, as hundreds – thousands, even – of new cinematic offerings were produced and released. How did I manage to condense them down to the most wonderful of the wonderful? I consulted the projector within my mind’s eye and asked, “Did this make a positive, enduring impression on me (and possibly the rest of the world)?” The results of that endeavor are below, along with mentions of moments that I cannot help but declare my love for.

25. The Big Sick – You remember the joke about 9/11? That was awesome!
24. Under the Silver Lake – That part with Riley Keough barking was really something!
23. Zootopia – I’m still laughing over the bit with the sloth!
22. Lady Macbeth – I’ll never forget when Florence Pugh put mushrooms to deadly use.
21. The Witch – Remember when the baby disappeared during peek-a-boo? That was awesome, in a scary way.
20. First Reformed – Remember when Ethan Hawke realized we were living in the end times? That was awesome!
19. The Endless – That shot with the big cat was really striking and just added to everything else.
18. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives – When Uncle Boonmee’s ghost showed up and everyone was so chill about it, I was like, “That’s dope AF.”
17. Gone Girl – When Amy explained everything halfway through, that had me going, “I feel ya.”
16. The Tree of Life – Remember when there were dinosaurs? That was awesome!
15. Prisoners – Remember when Jake Gyllenhaal was driving really fast in the snow and he could barely see? That was, you guessed it, awesome.
14. The Big Short – Remember when Margot Robbie and Selena Gomez explained complicated concepts to us? I enjoyed that.
13. Inside Out – Remember when Bing Bong totally Bing Bonged everything? That was a banger!
12. Ex Machina – Remember when Oscar Isaac danced? No one can ever forget!
11. Silver Linings Playbook – Remember when Tiffany read the letter? I was crying.
10. The LEGO Movie – Remember Lord Business? He meant business.
9. Bridesmaids – You know that part where they got food poisoning and became violently ill? That was one of the most terrifying moments of the decade.
8. Whiplash – Remember how it wasn’t his tempo? That was my tempo!
7. The Babadook – Remember when Sam pushed his cousin out of the treehouse? I felt that.
6. Sorry to Bother You – That part when Cash was rapping at the party? Totally lit.
5. Looper – Remember when Joe lost his hair? What a movie!
4. The Social Network – Remember when the Winklevoss twins were in the water? Row, row, row your boat.
3. Annihilation – Remember when the bear hybrid creature showed up? That was awesome!
2. The Cabin in the Woods – I really love the part when the monsters are unleashed.
1. Inception – I really love the part when the buildings go topsy-turvy.