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What’s the DEAL with me writing about comedy specials?! I don’t do it very often, but when I do, I prefer to write about ones that make me burst out with delight. And boy, if 23 Hours to Kill is any indication (which it is), then Jerry Seinfeld can still make me HOWL after all these years. He cracks a bunch of yuks about how our phones are basically extensions of our bodies. Modern technology clearly makes him batty. I, on the other hand, generally feel OK about my phone on any given day, but boy, did I just lose it at so much of what he had to say. (As for the other material about his life with his wife, I didn’t laugh at that quite as much.)

While watching 23 Hours to Kill, I became convinced that Jerry is a bit of a flipside to noted surreal filmmaker David Lynch when it comes to art/entertainment based upon the bodily processes of verbal communication. Though he makes plenty fun of it, I’m willing to guess that Jerry is a big fan of texting, because it sure beats the alternative of actually talking on the phone. Even when he can’t actually see mouths moving, I’m sure he can pretty clearly envision all the saliva streams flapping about. He strikes me as a classic germaphobe in many ways. I, on the other hand, revel in weird bodily goo. And yes, I also like talking on the phone. Even more than that, I enjoy watching other people talk on the phone, as I get to imbibe their weird, individual rhythms.

You know who shoots some great scenes of people on the phone? That’s right, Mr. David Lynch. Whenever I conjure a mental image of him as Chief Gordon Cole, he’s inevitably shouting into the phone. Man, Lynch has such a fascinating voice. And such fascinating lines on his face. Jerry wouldn’t last very long in a Lynchian world. If he ever had to chat or otherwise spend time with the folks from Twin Peaks, he would probably do something like this. Or this. Or this. I try to live my own day-to-day life in the Lynchian mold, but I’m glad there are Seinfeldians to travel along beside me.

I give 23 Hours to Kill 8 out of 10 of Those Things at the End of Your Shoelaces*


*-The only way to rate anything Seinfeld-related


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