An ‘An Evening with Tim Heidecker’ Review with jmunney

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An Evening with Tim Heidecker (CREDIT: Tim Heidecker/YouTube Screenshot)

I’d love to review the bad comedy-deconstructing Evening with Tim Heidecker in the style of a poorly written blog, but it took Tim years to perfect his routine, so I think it might be safer for me to do something a little more straightforward. So here are some of my favorite bits from the special, recorded in the hope that this will increase their chances for meme-ification and being remembered fondly for posterity.

-Tim says early on, “I love T&A.” It might not mean exactly what you think…
-“Boy, there’s a lot of women in music these days.”
-Lady Gaga? “What’s next? Lord Goo-Goo?”
-Tim’s New Year’s resolution: “No more bullshit.” And then there’s a whole routine about not putting up with any more bullshit!
-“Because of Obamacare”
-Instead of “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia,” it’s “Russia, Russia, Russia.” (There’s a lot of strained pauses in the delivery of that one.)
-“You better watch your ass, Batman.” (I forget what led up to this line, but I wrote it down in my notes, so I just HAD to share it.)

Hey, You Guys Are Reading the WORST Review of ‘Eric Andre: Legalize Everything’ on the Internet!

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Eric Andre: Legalize Everything (CREDIT: Brian Roedel/Netflix)

When you go to an Eric Andre show, you know what you’re getting yourself into. (Or at least you’d better.) But that sense of familiarity can also lead to a bit of a problem, or perhaps a challenge. Eric is always ready to regale us with stories of his drug-fueled and sex-filled escapades, and we know that, so there’s not much shock value to him delivering the most graphic details, whether they’re fully real or a tad embellished. Compare that to The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim, which derives its wonderment from him interjecting his shenanigans into the unsuspecting public.

Ergo, the most satisfying moments of Andre’s Netflix special Legalize Everything arrive when he ropes in some folks who have no idea they’re about to become comedic cannon fodder. Like the boyfriend of an ex-fling of Eric’s who’s basically a jerkwad 80s movie villain, whom we get to know via a revealingly aggressive text exchange. Then there’s the (very cool) mom of an audience member who finds herself pranked into a surprise FaceTime session. Where others might lean back in the name of safety and propriety, Eric Andre always charges ahead like the most adorable butt-sniffing pit bull. He’s the wokest hedonist there ever could be. You know what he believes in? “Live, laugh, love.” We should all be filled with such ranch.

This Is a Short Essay in Which I Tell You What I Think About Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Douglas’

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CREDIT: Ali Goldstein/Netflix

One thing I need to get out of the way right off the bat: whenever I read the title of Hannah Gadsby’s latest stand-up special or hear her mention it during the show, I automatically respond, “Very expensive.” You see, only 90s kids will understand. On the classic Nickelodeon cartoon Doug, whenever the title character’s neighbor Mr. Dink showed off his latest gizmos and gadgets, he would tell Doug (whom he always called “Douglas”) that it was “very expensive.” So ever since then, as far as I’m concerned, any utterance of “Douglas” in any context requires the punctuating response “very expensive.”


I Had a Few Hours to Kill, So I Wrote About ‘Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill’

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CREDIT: Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

What’s the DEAL with me writing about comedy specials?! I don’t do it very often, but when I do, I prefer to write about ones that make me burst out with delight. And boy, if 23 Hours to Kill is any indication (which it is), then Jerry Seinfeld can still make me HOWL after all these years. He cracks a bunch of yuks about how our phones are basically extensions of our bodies. Modern technology clearly makes him batty. I, on the other hand, generally feel OK about my phone on any given day, but boy, did I just lose it at so much of what he had to say. (As for the other material about his life with his wife, I didn’t laugh at that quite as much.)