SNL: Halsey, Kim Kardashian West, Cecily Strong (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

For last week’s premiere episode, I reviewed the sketches in backwards order, and now this time I’m going to review them in alphabetical order. This can potentially be a little tricky, because sometimes I think certain sketches should have a different name than what’s listed on SNL‘s YouTube page. So I’ll say this to make sure that we’re all on the same page: I’m going with the sketch names that I think make the most sense.

But first, a first word on a couple of the new cast members: the “h” in “Aristotle Athari” is silent, so his last name sounds like a certain video game system, and I think that’s pretty cool. And there’s also Sarah Sherman, whose name sounds VERY similar to “Sarah Silverman,” who was also once upon a time a brunette SNL cast member.

Aladdin: This is supposed to be the 1992 version of Aladdin, but it looks suspiciously live-action. Anyway, this sketch is all about Aladdin’s private parts, which is a surprising decision in some ways. But not surprising in other ways.

The Dream Guy: Worth it for Kyle M. going to town with his acting amidst all those hunky cameos. (Also of note: when Chris Rock was referred to as “Chris R.,” it reminded me of the 2003 cinema classic The Room.)

Facebook Hearing: Wow, Mark Zuckerberg (Alex Moffat Edition) sure has a creepy derp face. Good to hear from MySpace Tom!

Halsey (ft. Lindsey Buckingham), “Darling”: This was Halsey’s second performance of the episode, but it comes alphabetically first. It kinda looked like she was in Oz. Lindsey just basically strummed. It was funny when at the end she said, “Ladies and gentlemen, Lindsey Buckingham!,” seeing as he was already introduced.

Halsey, “I am not a woman, I’m a god”: The staging of Halsey’s first performance made it look like she was in the 1927 film Metropolis. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross produced her latest album, and you could really hear the industrial influence here.

“Hard Seltzer”: Ah, I heard that the “Please Don’t Destroy” comedy guys were hired as SNL writers. I read about them in New York Magazine. This was really funny! Hard seltzer, amirite?

Kelly Party: Since I’m doing it alphabetical, Weekend Update guest segments may very well be discussed before Update proper, which is the case here, with Heidi Gardner’s new motivational speaker character. Now I’m kinda interested in Spider-Man shooting world peace out of his webs.
Ladies Night Song: I thought the premise was obvious at first, then it went in some surprising directions.

Monologue: Wow, Kim was not afraid of going hard. Good idea/bad idea? Let me know what you think!

The People’s Kourt: Is this what the Kardashian/Jenner ladies actually do at home? Like when the KUWTK cameras aren’t rolling? I’m choosing to imagine that they do.

Skims: Aww, those dogs were adorably behaved!

The Switch: You can definitely count on Aidy to get up to silly shenanigans with the host in supposedly behind-the-scenes segments, and this is just the latest example.

Terry Fink: A film critic checking out the moving pictures while under the influence of lysergic acid diethylamide proves to be a good fit for Alex Moffat. I laughed multiple times!

Weekend Update: The bits about Biden wearing (or not) a headdress, Colin’s grandma, and the dead guy with cement in his chest were right on.

WEJJ Channel 7 Eyewitness News: Sometimes, you just gotta get silly, and if you can get into a rhythm, you’re off to the races, and they did that here with them there lottery balls. I am grateful to everyone involved with this sketch.

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