SNL: Will Forte, Kenan Thompson, Måneskin (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

Believe it or not, Orville Willis Forte IV is now an SNL host. Formerly he was an SNL cast member. Now he’s both! Rock band Måneskin is neither of those things, but they are an SNL musical guest, and that’s pretty cool, too.

Now I’m going to talk about the episode! For Season 47, I’ve been listing the sketches in various orders. This time, since the episode is being hosted by an alum, and there’s thus an expectation for the return of some of his recurring bits, I’ll be listing the sketches in order from least to most original. So the recurring sketches will be covered first, with those that deviate the least from the formula covered up top. Then I’ll get to the one-off bits, with the big conclusion reserved for the most original sketch of the episode.


Weekend Update: Colin and Michael: Very much keeping the formula in place, as is Weekend Update’s wont. Colin Jost told jokes about the news, and so did Michael Che. Most viewers (presumably) laughed at least a few times.

Weekend Update: Sarah Sherman: This was pretty much the same Colin Jost-entrapment shtick as Sarah Sherm’s first appearance behind the desk. But it was still funny! Survey says: this is the sort of routine that can be successfully repeated at least once.

Weekend Update: Chen Biao: Trade Daddy is still his incorrigible self, but now he’s in Olympic Mode, and he’s incorporated himself into the Holy Trinity.

Clancy T. Bachleratt and Jackie Snad Sing Songs About Spaceships, Toddlers, Model T Cars & Jars of Beer Again: I almost want to list this in the originals, because it will never be believable that this is a recurring sketch. Instead, it seems more like a fever dream that is vomited up on the spot.

Weekend Update: Guy Who Just Bought a Boat: Guy Who JBaB is joined by a couple of recent ferry-purchasers, and it’s kind of invigorating. Pete looked like he just wandered in off a park bench.

The Ingraham Angle: One new impression, three old impressions.

MacGruber (Parts 1-3): The same formula as always, but an endlessly variable one at that. No surprise that Our Man MacGruber goes the Covid Conspiracy route, but he made it his own. He’s a rock star in that way.

Cinema Classics: What?! It’s Reese De’What?! You’d be gaslighting me if you try to convince me otherwise.


Måneskin, “Beggin'”: When the lineup for this episode was announced, the musical guest sounded totally new to me. But then they started performing, and I realized that I had in fact already heard them on the radio – multiple times! “Beggin'” has been around since the sixties, but Måneskin’s version makes it sound like it was born yesterday.

Will Forte’s Monologue: It’s not very often that next week’s host shows up during the monologue. When Will Forte takes center stage, surprises tend to happen. You can count on that!


Kid Klash: There have been other SNL sketches parodying kid-centric programming, but I can’t think of any before this one that presented whipped cream as a metaphor for adversity.

Måneskin, “I Wanna Be Your Slave”: With a title like that, and a bass as undeniable as this one, and all that exposed torso skin, you could easily imagine T. Rex or the Stooges whipping out “I Wanna Be Your Slave” 45 years ago. But no, this is a total Måneskin original. (Apparently there’s also a duet version with Iggy Pop.)

Threesome: If it’s gonna be Gannon, it’s gotta be Will Forte.

As the saying goes, Willem Dafoe is actually Willem Dafriend, and friends host Saturday Night Live, which is exactly what will be happening next week. Katy Perry (née Hudson) will provide the music.