SNL: Gunna, Jerrod Carmichael, Heidi Gardner (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

Why, hello there, readers of SNL reviews. You’re here just in time for my take on the Jerrod Carmichael/Gunna episode, which originally aired on April 2, 2022. (Although, since most of it happened after midnight on the East Coast, it really mostly aired on April 3, 2022. [H/t Scott Aukerman.])

Jerrod Carmichael is hosting, and he recently came out of the closet, so it’s the perfect time to get to know him. Meanwhile, Gunna is the musical guest, and I’m less familiar with him than I am with Jerrod, so hopefully we’ll get to know him a little bit better than before as well.

It’s been a few weeks since the last new episode aired, so in case you’ve forgotten, I’ve been doing something a little different with my reviews this season. Specifically, I’ve been listing the sketches in unique orders instead of simply opting for the order in which they aired. For this episode, I’ll be listing them in the order in which they appear on SNL‘s YouTube page. (Please note: there is currently one cut-for-time sketch up there, but I won’t be covering that in this review.)

Also, I must note that I wrote this review after running a four-mile race, and I tend to be in a good mood for most of the day afterwards following a morning cruise around the park.

Gunna, “Banking on Me”: I’ve heard of Gunna before, but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard any of his music prior to this episode. Maybe I should listen to Hot 97 some more. Anyway, it looks like he’s been shopping from the same clothing collection as Jerrod.

Is My Brain Okay?: This is a game show in which the brain functions of the contestants have been ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it proves to be both timely AND clever!

Shop TV: You know, I think I’m starting to realize that sketches parodying home shopping networks can get by on one really striking visual gag.

Cafe Story: This sketch feels like it came into existence when somebody said, “Just let Kyle be silly for a few minutes.” And I don’t have to tell you that that’s a good thing to encourage!

Gunna ft. Future, “Pushin P”: Is this the shortest musical performance in SNL history? I can’t think of anything else that was under two minutes! At least not off the top of my head. (And if you think I can think of anything else besides what’s on the top of my head, well, that’ll be the day…)

Osh Kosh F*Gosh: Babies can’t read, and that’s probably for the best, because the backstories behind the slogans on their outfits in this fake commercial would probably overwhelm them.

Short-Ass Movies: You know who else likes it when movies are under two hours? None other than yours truly.
When Simon Rex showed up, I thought he was going to start singing the praises of his own sub-two hour movies, but then he went deep on Ernest, and I was left slack-jawed at his resemblance to the late great Jim Varney.

Scattering Remains: This is one of those sketches that makes me go, “Finally someone thought of it!”

Weekend Update: O.J. Simpson: We are so comedically blessed whenever The Juice weighs in on the big news story of the moment.

Weekend Update: Marsha Blackburn: What a revealing dive into matters of ontology.

Weekend Update: The Jokes: Did Che write Colin’s joke about the black bear? It sure sounded like one of his. Anyway, the boys were pretty energized this time around.

Oscar Seat Fillers: I always appreciate when SNL doesn’t just recreate the big news story, but instead offers an alternate angle.

Fox & Friends: I think my favorite part of this cold open was when Cecily’s Jeanine Pirro really stretched out the “you” in “You bet!”

Jerrod Carmichael’s Monologue: According to Jerrod, he might just be “the least famous host” in SNL history, and maybe that was to his and our benefit, as he wasn’t burdened by the weight of any expectations. And thus his monologue was loose, incisive, and absolutely on fire.

Next week we’ve got Jake Gyllenhaal and Camila Cabello on the docket. They’ve both previously appeared on SNL. But not in the same episode!