SNL: Camila Cabella, Jake Gyllenhaal (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

You might remember an SNL sketch from back in the day called “Mom Celebrity Translator,” in which Jake Gyllenhaal was referred to as “Joe Geronimo.” Well, now he’s referred to as “2-time SNL host.” This is also the second time for Camila Cabello, though she wasn’t referenced in Mom Celebrity Translator. She wasn’t famous yet at the time!

Last week, I listed the sketches in order of how they were listed on SNL‘s YouTube page. This week, I’m listing them in order of how many YouTube views they have (most first) as of the morning after.

Weekend Update: The Jokes: Oh wow, Weekend Update is the most watched of this episode, and it’s not even close. (I wonder if that’s typical?) I wonder if Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to report Colin to the police now. Also, that model in the Disney photo playing Jasmine looked a lot like Charli XCX.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmation: No surprise that the cold opening sketch is among the most-viewed, as the top of the show tends to be the timeliest. Anyway, I laughed at the bit about how Joe Biden is surprised that he can say Ketanji Brown Jackson’s name one time slow.

Why’d You Like It: I was getting strong Minority Report vibes from this game show parody, what with people being pre-punished for crimes they’ve yet to commit. Despite the ethical conundrum, I’m glad this sketch exists, as it throws some sunlight on a new social phenomenon that we’ve yet to fully acknowledge openly as a society.

Couples Therapy: Man, they’re really selling a lot of fish out on the street, aren’t they?
Why doesn’t Punkie’s therapist character accept insurance?!

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Monologue: Mr. Jake G. spends much of his monologue singing the power ballad “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” which was written by Jim Steinman and originally recorded by Pandora’s Box but made much more famous by Celine Dion. Fun fact: he also sang during his monologue the first time he hosted. Something tells me this guy likes to sing!

Weekend Update: Trend Forecasters: I’m cool with Bowen and Aidy reprising these here Trend Forecaster characters, as they sure seem like they have fun doing it. “Keep it down, Mike!” is a stone-cold unforgettable line.

Dream Home Cousins: Enough feline medical equipment to fill an entire room? 90 Wise Quacker statues? How do the writers come up with this stuff?!

Chucky: When the office gossips were gossiping about Janet by comparing her to famous fictional evil doll Chucky, and then it was Chucky who emerged from the toilet stall instead of Janet … I was so overjoyed that magic could still exist in the world.

Spring Flowers: “What if flowers could talk?,” this sketch asks. Apparently it would start off as a lovely tableau, but then it would soon turn into a nasty horror vignette.

Lights Camera Achoo!: Okay, I don’t want to travel back in time and live Doc Holliday’s life, you’ve convinced me.

Truck You You Truckin’ Truck:     Interesting. This fake infomercial for a fake compilation CD acknowledges the fact that many of the songs are about urine, and then it proceeds to spotlight some songs NOT about urine. It was a risky move, but I think they pulled it off.

Cabaret Night: I wonder why Mikey Day’s character wanted to talk to the person who had the same car as him. But I’m also glad that it wasn’t explained any further.

Camila Cabello ft. WILLOW, “Psychofreak”: Hmm, Camila Cabello’s performances are the least-watched parts of this episode. Maybe folks just are looking for the music when they access SNL‘s YouTube? Anyway, it’s the second of Camila’s two numbers that’s a little more popular, and I get it, because Willow is someone who sure seems to be everywhere these days. Maybe she’ll be the musical guest all by herself one of these days.

Camila Cabello, “Bam Bam”: Camila and her backup dancers appeared to be attending a psychedelic tie-dye party, and my TV screen was rebelling, as the colors looked rather washed out. But on my laptop screen, it was another story. A sharper and much more satisfying one.

Next Saturday, famed flautist Lizzo will be host and musical guest. Then on Sunday it’s Easter. What a busy weekend!