SNL: Lizzo, Kenan Thompson (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

Big weekend for Lizzo (known on her birth certificate as Melissa Viviane Jefferson). It’s Easter, after all, and I don’t know if she celebrates, but she certainly strikes me as someone who appreciates a festive moment. And oh yeah, she’as also the host AND musical guest on a little show called Saturday Night Live.

For my review of last week’s episode, you may recall that I listed the sketches in order of how many views they had on SNL‘s YouTube page, from most to least. This time, I’m reversing it, going from least to most views. I hope you all find that appropriate for Easter, what with the rebirth and resurrection.

Lizzo, “Special”: For (at least) the second episode in a row, the musical performances have the fewest YouTube views, which furthers my hypothesis that most people aren’t looking for songs while scouring SNL‘s YouTube. But they’ll be satisfied if they check ’em out! How could they not when Lizzo’s mom introduces her and then she performs an uplifting number on a stage with so many disco vibes?

Lizzo, “About Damn Time”: For her first performance, Lizzo introduces herself and then scurries on stage. Has anyone else ever done that in SNL history? Yes, I know Garth Brooks introduced Chris Gaines, but I’m still not convinced they’re the same person. Anyway, you could call this “Solid Purple.”

Beanie Babies: Perhaps it’s appropriate that the 10-to-1 sketch is the least viewed, as that slot has a reputation for housing diamonds in the rough. This particular 10-to-1 works best as an Investment Literacy PSA, and the details about drawing Mario Mario are just a bonus.

Throne Room Debauched Party: Speaking of sketches featuring Lizzo coupled up with Andrew Dismukes, she sure came a long way from wanting to kill him in the “please don’t destroy” entry to feeding him grapes in Jeddah.

DeVry Institute Symphony Orchestra: For anyone wondering, I’m pretty sure “flautist” and “flutist” are both considered acceptable terms. Please book my tickets to the DeVry Orchestra’s next performance, please!

TikTok: The last time SNL threw together an interstitial segment of TikToks, I recommended making it a regular thing, and well, it took them a few months, but now we finally here!

Lizzo’s Monologue: Lizzo promised that she was going to break the record for most times saying a certain five-letter word (that might offend some delicate ears) on live TV, and I have to admit that I didn’t keep track. Did anyone else? Let me know!

Guess That!: Does anyone know where I can get that lemon shirt that Ego was wearing?

Weekend Update: Cesar Perez: Hmm, what a fascinating idea: insult comedy directed at your nephew that you immediately become embarrassed by. And I have to say, it worked!

Six Flags Grandpa: This infamous bald, bowtie-sporting theme park mascot has surely been haunting all of our subconsciouses for so long that I’m surprised there haven’t been more sketches like this one.

please don’t destroy: Lizzo Has Writer’s Block: Obviously, Lizzo should now do a whole concept album in which every song follows the formula of “Horny [Insert Random Profession].”

Black Eyed Peas: Yep, and his crew’s lyrics are simplistic. But here’s the question: were Lizzo and Aidy’s characters skeptical about that or totally into it? We may never know for sure!

A Message From the Easter Bunny: Despite the title, Mr. Bunny wasn’t the only fellow delivering a message to us. And I have my doubts that he cosigned on everything that that motley crew had to say. Also, I must note that while calling Easter “warm Halloween” makes sense in theory, October 31 has often been quite mild in recent years, and meanwhile in the mid-Atlantic on this here April 17, it’s barely hitting the 50s!

Weekend Update: The Jokes: With Update once again taking the Most Viewed Crown, I am left to conclude that this is simply a weekly ritual for about half a million people. Anyway, Mikey Che delivered a couple of killer zingers based on persistent societal racism.

We have been informed that the next new episode will feature host Benedict Cumberbatch and musical guest Arcade Fire! Fun fact: both have already appeared in previous episodes.