SNL: Billie Eilish, Kate McKinnon (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

The eighth episode of Saturday Night Live Season 47 features the same person as both host and musical guest, and that person is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell (or just Billie Eilish, for short). This is the first time this season that the same person has been both host and MG. If you were worried that this sort of double duty was never going to happen again, then that was quite an overreaction.

Last episode, I listed the sketches in order of running time, from longest to shortest, so this time I will go from shortest to longest.

Weekend Update: Punkie Johnson: I now know that potato salad’s most important ingredient is pain, and that’s the most memorable information I have probably ever gleaned from Punkie Johnson.

Billie Eilish, “Male Fantasy”: I don’t think I would ever perform a song while sitting on the floor if I were the SNL musical guest. But the vibe fits for Billie Eilish, particularly when she’s accompanied by her brother.

Hip-Hop Nativity Pageant: Hey, remember the 80s? This sketch certainly does, because making fun of hip-hop in this manner sure would’ve fit right in back in that decade. Maybe Heidi Gardner and Billie Eilish just wanted to shake their backsides for the holidays, and if that’s the case, then good for them!

Kyle’s Holiday: This makes me want to see a “Best of Kyle Mooney” DVD featuring Kyle recreating all of Mikey Day’s greatest hits. (Please release Best of DVDs again.)

TikTok: If SNL just wants to feature random TikToks as interstitials in every episode from now on, that would be a pretty good idea, like something in the vein of Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python animations.

Lonely Christmas: You can convey quite a bit of storytelling via writing on pieces of cardboard, and this filmed piece is just the latest evidence.

Business Garden Hotel Ad: Honestly? I’d stay at this hotel.

Weekend Update: Andrew Dismukes’ Amazing Animals: That dog sure is flexible! (Or at least it humorously seemed that way, since I imagine Taco wasn’t supposed to be facing away from the audience the whole time. But that’s what made it memorable! I give him 5 Woofs.)

Billie Eilish’s Monologue: This monologue must’ve been written by Michael Che, considering how hard it burned Colin Jost.

The Night I Met Santa: I think that kids would be more traumatized by knowing that you could make it awkward with Santa than from learning that the big red guy doesn’t exist.

Billie Eilish, “Happier Than Ever”: I think I’ve heard this song most often in a commercial, and I very much liked it there, and now I also very much like it here! Great reveal of the crowd, great slow build, great movement, great flashing lights. Great!

Christmas Cards: I could really relate to this sketch, because every year I look at the holiday cards hanging at my parents’ house and wonder who all these people are. Some of them are my cousins who I see occasionally, so I know who they are. But then there are others whom I don’t think I’ve ever met! I wonder what their lives are like, and this sketch provided me with some potential answers.

A Holiday Message from Dr. Fauci: I bet there’s a music band out there with the name “Two Unemployed Brothers,” and right now, they’re getting a little verklempt, because they’re not sure they can ever use that name again now that Andrew and Chris Cuomo have been referred to that way.

Weekend Update: The Jokes: My most favorite joke in this WU edition was definitely Che pointing out that Londoners are driving on the wrong side of the road.

Oh my god, are we already so close to Christmas Day 2021?! Believe it. Paul Rudd will host SNL exactly one week from that date, with some musical aid from Ms. Charli XCX.