Keke and Her Friends (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

Score! The host of this particular Saturday Night Live episode is Keke Palmer. Sounds like we’re in for a treat. And the musical guest is SZA. That’s pronounced “SIZZ-uh.” She makes songs that are sizzling.

Since this is the first new episode of SNL after Thanksgiving 2022, I’m going to review each sketch by revealing what I’m thankful for from each of them.

Herschel Walker Meeting: I’m thankful for the endless parade of roles that allow Kenan Thompson to show off his malapropism skills.

Keke Palmer’s Monologue: I’m thankful for pregnancy reveals that will leave me floored forever.

Forceington’s Ridge: I’m thankful for neologisms like “fellatiate.”

Big Boys: I’m thankful for the use of the word “hibernate.” It’s just one of those words that rolls off the tongue so wonderfully.

United Tingz of Aubreys: I’m thankful for Keke Palmer reminding us that she’s THE Keke.

Hello Kitty Store: I’m thankful for angry confusion as a comedic guiding force.

Kenan & Kelly: I’m thankful for orange soda, and everything around it.

Arby’s: I’m thankful for good deals.

SZA, “Shirt”: I’m thankful for the fact that not all pants are the same color.

Weekend Update: The Jokes: I’m thankful for letters, and mysterious meanings.

Weekend Update: Michael Longfellow: I’m thankful for creative remixes of famous movie lines.

Weekend Update: Trish Dale: I’m thankful for polar bears being used as comedy fodder, because quite frankly, that doesn’t happen enough.

Ultrasound: I’m thankful for the Jabbawockeez.

Christmas Choir Practice: I’m thankful for Catholic school jokes, like when teachers at a Catholic school worship multiple gods.

SZA, “Blind”: I’m thankful for Bog Saget hip-hop references.

Hawaii Flight: I’m thankful for durability.

Don’t sell yourself short. Martin Short, that is. Steve Martin Short, that is. With musical guest Brandi Carlile. December 10, 2022, that is.