Lejends (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

The long and short of it is, the December 10, 2022 episode of Saturday Night Live has been hosted by Steve Martin (a long fellow) AND Martin Short (his last name is “Short”). And what’s the story, morning glory (because I watched the show on Sunday morning)? Brandi Carlile is the musical guest! I believe that this lineup is worth the price of admission.

Because this episode had two guests, I will be reviewing each sketch with two words each.

Blocking It Out for Christmas: Merry Coping!

Steve Martin and Martin Short’s Monologue: Righteous ribbing.

Science Room: Relentless kookery.

please don’t destroy: Chelsea: Roundabout trickery.

The Holiday Train: Bare reveal.

A Visit with Santa: Overwrought frustration.

A Christmas Carol: Hyperbolic physics.

Brandi Carlile, “The Story”: All. Out.

Weekend Update: The Jokes: Excess gasping.
Weekend Update: Mary Louise Fischer: Disturbing pathways.
Weekend Update: Kurt & Deb from Wyoming: Mildly spicy.

How to Treat Your Man with Minky Carmichael: Unexpected abbreviation.

Brandi Carlile, “You and Me on the Rock”: Cute backups.

Father of the Bride Part 8: Decades zip.

Wait! Don’t go! There’s still one more new episode to come for 2022, and it’ll be hosted by none other than Elvis himself, Austin Butler. And hello! Lizzo! She’ll be the musical guest.*

*-I would like to state for the record that Yeah Yeah Yeahs were originally booked as MG but had to back out due to guitarist Nick Zinner’s pneumonia. (Get well soon!)