It’s Bad Christmas O’Clock (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

But the truth is, Austin Butler was the host of the last new episode of Saturday Night Live of 2022. (Because “But” is part of his name.) And incidentally, Lizzo joins the “Musical Guest Twice in a Calendar Year” Club.

For this episode, since it is the Christmas show, I will be reviewing each sketch by answering the question “Would Santa Clause like this?” in the vein of the Billy on the Street game “Would Drew Barrymore Like That?”

An Announcement from Donald Trump: I don’t think Santa Claus would like this very much. I’m pretty sure he sees a lot of naughtiness in NFTs and the rest of the digital financial space.

Austin Butler’s Monologue: As far as I can tell, Austin Butler has been nice this year, and that is reputedly the sort of thing that Santa likes!

The Phrase That Pays: I’m pretty sure Santa would recognize some sneakiness in this game show … though he might crack a smile or two.

A Christmas Epiphany: Some of this filmed piece is quite nice, while the rest of it is filled with seething rage. So it’s a split decision from Santa!

Marzipan: Santa would be freaking OUT at this sketch because it would remind him of all the times kids left marzipan out for him instead of cookies.

Jewish Elvis: A little-known fact: Santa LOVES Jewish people!

Lizzo, “Break Up Twice”: You might remember that Santa famously sees us when we’re sleeping, so the fact that this musical performance begins with Lizzo in bed will surely remind Santa how nice Lizzo has been this year.

Weekend Update: The Jokes: Santa doesn’t really need to see comedic takes on the news – he’s already heard about all this stuff!
Weekend Update: Krampus: Santa and Krampus are colleagues, and I think he’ll appreciate seeing the goat guy doing well.
Weekend Update: Colin’s Great Aunt Pat: Pat is pretty much the apotheosis of naughty, so I think you can determine for yourself how Santa feels about her.
Weekend Update: Cathy Anne: You know, she might run afoul of Mr. The Law, but I have a feeling that Cathy Anne is actually one of Santa’s favorites.

White Elephant: White elephant parties go against everything that Santa stands for!

Jennifer Coolidge is Impressed by Christmas Stuff: I think Santa would be amused by this, even though, despite the title, Jennifer was less “impressed” and more “riffing.”

Lizzo, “Someday at Christmas”: Lizzo performing a Stevie Wonder holiday tune? It doesn’t get much better than that for Santa!

please don’t destroy: Plirts: I’m pretty sure Santa loves the please don’t destroy guys, but he doesn’t like being reminded about how plastic is ravaging the planet.

RadioShack: Santa just can’t say no to sweet, heartfelt sendoffs.

Happy Hanukkah!