Brr! This episode was very Chile. (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

I’ve seen Pedro Pascal on my TV more than once. And now I’m seeing him again! That exclamation point is because as of February 4, 2023, he’s an SNL host. And nobody can ever take that away from him!

Coldplay’s the musical guest, but that’s nothing new.

This is the first episode of February, so to celebrate, I’m going to review each sketch according to the format “I ❤️ (something).”

Katy Tur Reports: I ❤️ Balloons!

Pedro Pascal’s Monologue: I ❤️ having lots of cousins!

The Big Hollywood Quiz: I ❤️being honest about content overload.

Mario Kart: I ❤️ Bisexual Nintendo

Coma Wake-Up: I ❤️thoughtful doctors.

Fancam Assembly: I ❤️when students appreciate their teachers.

Wing Pit: I ❤️Ranch!

Coldplay, “The Astronaut”: I ❤️Camera Tricks

Weekend Update: Michael and Colin: I ❤️Brothers in the Super Bowl
Weekend Update: Punxsutawney Phil: I ❤️Beavers
Weekend Update: Milly Pounds and Shirty: I ❤️The “Semi-Obscure”

Meeting Mom: I ❤️Proper Paper Bag Shortage

Angelino’s: I ❤️Kenan Thompson dressing up like Chef Boyardee

Coldplay ft. Jacob Collier, “Human Heart”/”Fix You”: I ❤️Longevity

Birthday Dinner: I ❤️when SNL cast members are allowed to sit in the same spot two sketches in a row.

Woody Harrelson and Jack White got next on February 25. They’re veterans!