Say “Broccoli!” (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

Happy April! And I mean that.

It’s officially on the record that the 16th episode of the 48th season of Saturday Night Live was hosted by Abbott Elementary creator-star Quinta Brunson, with musical guest Miles Parks McCollum, who of course goes by the stage name “Lil Yachty.”

Since this episode began airing on April 1, I will review each sketch by saying something UNTRUE about how I felt and then follow that up with a declaration of “April Fools!” Practical jokes can be cruel if not everyone is in on the joke, so I wanted to be fully transparent.

A Message from Former President Trump: I don’t like references to the Now That’s What I Call Music! compilation series… April Fools!

Quinta Brunson’s Monologue: Quinta didn’t give us any insight into her personality during her monologue… April Fools!

Cocaine Deal: I’m not a fan of comedy sketches paraphrasing a certain famous catchphrase from Match Game… April Fools!

I Was a Bridesmaid: That joke about “a whole-ass conversation” in the Venmo comments didn’t make any sense to me… April Fools!

Couple Goals: The way that Quinta said “I’m the Burger Queen” was very unmemorable… April Fools!

Traffic Altercation: This sketch was the opposite of clever and creative… April Fools!

Lil Yachty ft. Diana Gordon, “Black Seminole”: A rapper getting into psychedelic rock is an awful idea… April Fools!

Weekend Update: The Jokes: Nothing memorable happened between Colin and Michael behind the desk this episode… April Fools!
Weekend Update: Michelangelo’s David: I’m completely uninterested in what happens on Italian SNL… April Fools!
Weekend Update: Marcello Hernandez: I’m offended that “Short King” Marcello included shoutouts to the Minions and Beethoven… April Fools!

Midwife: Wow, this might be one of the WORST sketches of the season. That time hopping was a TERRIBLE idea… April Fools!

Lil Yachty ft. Diana Gordon, “drive ME crazy!”: Diana’s singing does not in any way resemble a certain iconic Irish rock star… April Fools!

Bosses: Okay, this sketch was a little too silly… April Fools!

please don’t destroy: Street Eats: Nobody in real life is like this… April Fools!

The next new episode of SNL on April 8 will NOT feature host Molly Shannon, NOR will it feature musical guest Jonas Brothers… April Fools!