Captura de pantalla de la promoción de SNL (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

I am writing to you in the midst of an unusually hot April stretch for New York City. It started out dry, but at the moment the humidity’s been trending up. And I just cannot abide that. Spring weather is famously pleasant for its lack of humidity! Ay-yi-yi!

Nonetheless, I shall plow ahead and review the April 15, 2023 episode of Saturday Night Live. Since the host was Cuban-born Ana de Armas and the musical guest was Colombian-born Karol G, I shall translate the names of each sketch and musical performance into Spanish. (Although in some cases, translation won’t be necessary!)

Espectáculo de llegadas del primer día cálido del año: This is why I don’t go to Central Park when it’s in the 90s. 70’s my limit. I’m glad we got to see Sarah Sherman holding two (2) Zabar’s bags.

Monólogo de Ana de Armas: She doesn’t have to beg my pardon!

El Domo: I guess Matt Pat Shat’s wife loves him because of how unfailingly pleasant he is. Everyone else is making me want to borrow Stephanie Tanner’s catchphrase.

Tráiler de Chicas americanas: Oddly quiet; I liked how each of the girls had their own thing.

Sesión de grabación The best part of this was how hungry Kenan’s character was.

Clase de español: Thank you, Ana, for introducing me to a new phrase about falling in love!

por favor no destruyas: Hangxiety: Yeah, yeah, yeah, people make bad decisions when they’re drunk. No big whoop!

Karol G, “Mientras Me Curo del Coro”: My attention was most focused on the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” sample and the flower in Karol’s pink hair.

Actualización de fin de semana: Las bromas: You can never go wrong with making fun of the Jets’ futility!
Actualización de fin de semana: Funky Kong: I don’t think Colin actually turned the screenplay to page 36 when Funky prompted him to…
Actualización de fin de semana: Meditación Guru Genesis Fry: Even when Sarah Sherman is playing a character, Colin cannot escape her bullseye!
Actualización de fin de semana: Molly Kearney: And the grand tradition of SNL cast members flying through the air on Weekend Update continues apace!

Lisa de Temecula: Boda: I want to know more about that class-action suit against Build-a-Bear.

Entrar en el escenario Woof: Escuela de actuación para perros: A score of 11/10 to all the dog actors!

Karol G, “Tus Gafitas”: Weirdly, I didn’t even notice all those spikes on Karol’s top until about halfway through the performance.
Manicura: Oh, so random sketches are just going to turn into Twilight parodies in the middle now? I guess that’s where we are as a society!

Oh my god, it’s already time for former cast member Peter Michael Davidson to return as host?! Indeed, that’s what Darrell Hammond told us is happening on May 6, while Lil Uzi Vert will provide the tunes.