All the dialogue is either whispered or screamed.

Cold Opening – Mitt Romney
I would have been happy if this sketch had only lasted a minute and thus only included Mitt talking about the Super Bowl. When Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney talks about football, it is a hoot. I was cracking up through that portion. Then he talked about other stuff. Then a dog kept barking. So, if this sketch had just been the first minute combined with the incessant dog barking, then we would have been good. B-

Zooey Deschanel’s Monologue
At first, I was surprised that recent divorcee Zooey Deschanel was singing a Valentine’s Day song, but then it was about the dark side of Valentine’s Day, and it all made sense. That moment when she twirled her hair was so Zooey. Was that improvised? B+