The 2019 Emmy nominations will be announced on July 16, and as that annual occasion approaches, I typically put together my own list of which shows and performers I would like to see recognized. But I’ve had some mixed feelings about putting that together this year, as I’ve grappled with the fact that in the era of Peak TV, it becomes more and more impossible to capture all my favorites in one place. Ultimately I decided I wouldn’t be too formal or too precious about it. If there are ten shows I really want to see nominated, then I’ll list ten on my wish list. But if there are just two I really like in another category, then I’ll just list two.

Now that I’ve gone through the regularly scheduled Comedy and Drama, I’m moving onto the categories that really have to make their case to fit themselves into my viewing schedules. Limited Series come and go, and that transience is clear in my relative lack wishes. But boy do I love those who I’m wishing for! Florence Pugh is my favorite up-and-coming actress, and I thought I would totally be pulling for her little spy routine in The Little Drummer Girl, but then Michelle Williams came along and was totally undeniable as Gwen Verdon. And it is in this field that we find my most off-the-wall wishes, as Justin Theroux was rewardingly unmoored in Maniac and Wanda Sykes got to kill it with her take as Weezy Jefferson in one of the most “who’d-a thunk it” moments of 2019.

Nominees are listed in alphabetical order. My top choices are in bold.

Limited Series
The Little Drummer Girl
Sharp Objects