The Muppets 1.15/1.16: “Generally Inhospitable”/”Because…Love”

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“What are you going to wear for the most romantic day of your life?”

The Muppets 1.14 – “Little Green Lie”

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What are the two most important secrets Uncle Deadly is currently keeping?

Best TV Scenes of 2015

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These were the moments that had me had me keeling over, on the edge of my seat, and begging for mercy.


10. The Eric Andre Show, “Bird Up!” – Focus group – This is how TV gets made, apparently.


The Muppets 1.13 – “Got Silk?”

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Is Piggy that hard to like?

The Muppets 1.12 – “A Tail of Two Piggies”

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Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Diapers

The Muppets 1.11 – “Swine Song”

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“No. Ow. Don’t. Stop. Let go. Cease. Desist.”

The Muppets 1.10: “Single All the Way”

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“Can: open. Worms: everywhere.”

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