These were the moments that had me had me keeling over, on the edge of my seat, and begging for mercy.


10. The Eric Andre Show, “Bird Up!” – Focus group – This is how TV gets made, apparently.

9. The Middle, “The Graduate” – Sue gets her yearbook back – Lovely and amazing.

8. The Muppets, “Pig Out” – Karaoke – The Swedish Chef is no “chicky.”

7. Man Seeking Woman, “Traib” – Text War Room – Do NOT text “jk!” Do NOT text “jk”!

6. Better Call Saul, “Pimento” – Jimmy confronts Chuck – This scene was nagging me – IT WAS NAGGING ME – so I put it on the list.

5. Rectify, “The Source” – Daniel and Tawney have the same dream(?) – All we want to do is dream.

4. Nathan for You, “Smokers Allowed” – “I love you” – Nathan Fielder wields a great deal of power … do we trust him with it?

3. Review, “Buried Alive; 6 Star Rating; Public Speaking” – Kicked in the Balls – 6/6, would kick again.

2. Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories, “Sauce Boy” – Mama Pantone sings songs from the old country – “It’s like listening to good Ol’ Blue Eyes himself.”

1. Rick and Morty, “Mortynight Run” – Roy – Morty’s whole life flashes before his eyes, but it is not his own. It is his video game avatar, in the most existentially overwhelming creation ever. Until Roy 2, that is. (It’s already at Blips and Chitz!)