The best mini-movies that had us rocking in and falling out of our seats in the past year.


10. Jurassic World, T. Rex vs. Indominus Rex – A.K.A the 2015 Late Night War.

9. Mad Max: Fury Road, Finale – Max’s whole life is a finale!

8. Magic Mike XXL, “I Want It That Way” – Everyday life is full of mini miracles.

7. Inside Out, Abstract Thought – Oh, to be non-figurative.

6. Minions, King Bob’s Speech – I didn’t vote for him … but I would have.

5. Unfriended, Never Have I Ever – They are the worst.

4. The Big Short, Synthetic CDO’s – Two scenes in one: Steve Carell calls some guy “an incredibly big piece of shit” while Richard Thaler and Selena Gomez are the hottest fourth-wall breaking couple of all time.

3. Chi-Raq, Sermon – Do you smelllllllllll what John Cusack is cooking?!

Chi-Raq Sermon
2. Sicario, Border crossing – Scenes this good must be illegal.

1. Ex Machina, Dance – Oscar Isaac busts a move with one of his fembots, and we are scared for our lives, but we have also never felt more alive.