Best Films of 2015, 11-20

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I already posted my top 10 list on Starpulse, but wouldn’t you know it, there were plenty of other great movies. Here are three less than a baker’s dozen worth:

11. Mad Max: Fury Road – Charlize barks at the moon, giving us our most iconic image of 2015.
12. Krampus – The tricks are a treat, as is the teamwork among a dysfunctional family.
13. Creed – Adonis unapologetically forges ahead to be true to his identity and establish his family.
14. Sleeping with Other People – The question this time isn’t, “Can men and women be friends without wanting to sleep with each other?” but “Why wouldn’t they if they like each other enough?”
15. The Visit – Right at home on the corner of creepy and hilarious.
16. Brooklyn – Even when Eilis Lacey’s life is hard, there is so much love in her world.
17. Unfriended – The most formally ingenious movie in years, perhaps decades even.
18. The Peanuts Movie – Charlie Brown is preternaturally neurotic; ergo, this one’s a thinker.
19. Room – Tight corners promote empathy.
20. Furious 7 – The first F&F movie in which I actually remembered some of the plot aftewards.

This Is a (Quickie) Movie Review: The Peanuts Movie

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How old are Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang? Their constant concern about interpersonal relationship dynamics in their latest cinematic iteration would suggest that they are at least preteens, but part of the conceit of Charles Schulz’s creations is how wise (and neurotic, introspective, fastidious, etc.) beyond their years they are. The Peanuts Movie makes it clear that Sally is in kindergarten, and we know her big brother is only a couple of years older. Thus, it is so endearingly hilarious that Charlie frets over the possibility of going into escrow upon being paired up with the Little Red-Haired Girl on a book report assignment. The emotions these kids wear may be many sizes too big, but the values they display – loyalty, respect, individualism, joie de vivre – are timelessly adult.