The combined ages of these people is 48 (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

Last season I kept my SNL review routine fresh by mixing up the order of the sketches. This season, I’m going even deeper by experimenting with how I review each particular sketch. For this here Season 48 premiere (host Miles Teller and musical guest Kendrick Lamar), I’m using only ONE WORD per sketch. Check it out:

Manningcast: On-the-nose

Miles Teller’s Monologue: Child-like

Send Something Normal: Enough

Robbery: Unreal!

Charmin Bears: Effervescent

Rooftop Bar: Anthropological

Nicole Kidman for AMC: Rapturous

Kendrick Lamar, “Rich Spirit”/”N95”: Shadowy

Weekend Update (The Colin and Michael Part): Unleashed
Weekend Update: Mitch McConnell and Herschel Walker: Reliable
Weekend Update: Michael Longfellow: Flippant
Weekend Update: Spotted Lanternfly: Concerning

McDonald’s Characters: Curious

Kendrick Lamar ft. Sampha, “Father Time”: Intimate

Caribbean Queens: Indefatigable

Why yes, I will be reviewing next week’s episode with Brendon Gleeson (host) and WILLOW (musical guest).