She’s more than 50! (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

Here’s the good word: in April 2023, Molly Shannon returned to her Saturday Night Live stomping grounds to host the show. She’s done this before, and we’re glad to have her back. Unlike Molly, the Jonas Brothers were never SNL cast members, but like Molly, they have previously appeared on the show prior to this episode.

Since this episode aired on Easter Weekend, I will be resurrecting my reviewing method for the first episode of this season, in which I used one (1) word per sketch.

I watched much of this episode with my family – it was Easter, after all!

The Last Supper: Exhausting.

Molly Shannon’s Monologue: Whoa-zempic!

Valets: Chaos!

Jeannie Darcy: Selective Startage: Ahead.

Baby Shower: Twisted.

please don’t destroy: Molly Shannon 2K23: Thorough.

A Year of a Thousand Men: Cruel.

Jonas Brothers, “Waffle House”: Hungry!

Weekend Update: The Jokes: Rambunctious.
Weekend Update: Jafar: Victorious.
Weekend Update: Angel Reese: Eyelashes.
Weekend Update: Co-Worker Who’s Extremely Busy Doing Seemingly Nothing: Delightful.

Drug Commercial: Spirited!

Jonas Brothers, “Walls”: Thick.

New Choreographer (Sally O’Malley): Nifty.

CNZen: Audioerotic.

Wow, listen to this: next week’s new episode of SNL will be hosted by actress Ana de Armas, with the musical guest taking the form singer-songwriter Karol G.