CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot

For my review of last week’s SNL, I simply transcribed the notes I took while watching the episode. And I liked that method so much that I’m doing it again for this episode! What do you think, Host Amy Schumer and Musical Guest Steve Lacy?

A Message From the President
-Is Tekashi Tix9ine in jail?
-Was Tracy supposed to play himself?

-“Lettuce and gentlemen” (?)
-I guess marriage is just awkward … in a good way!
-“Autism or Just a Man?”: paradigm-shaking

-Pasta bowl soup? Oh, “matzo ball” soup!
-Slurping before eating the balls?
-I think the sad friend was fine with her eating the soup

-“the greatest week of my life” – How to Be Optimistic
-Mentally Healthy → Physically Sick: Wow.

Mr. Hubbard Trial
-“Oh my God, now the murderer is yelling at us.”
-Classic Kenan: “That is not a song from Midnights.”
-“Oh, you the dead wife!”

Twitter Content Moderation Council
-“Post-It Hole”?

The Looker
-She’s a looker, nudge nudge
-“That’s not ringing a bell.” – Interesting choice of phrase

Steve Lacy – “Bad Habit”
-futuristic Stevie Wonder-style sunglasses
-S for Steve: Helpful

-Hebrews II Negroes R&B group
-How often does Colin stub his toe?
-Is it hard for the sun to smile?
Tammy the Trucker
-Beeping while the beep sfx sounds: Good

Jets Tailgate
-“They’re so excited to learn.”

-I feel like it wasn’t the underwear affecting the animals…

-“Baklava or Balaclava?” Good question
-Why’d a random guy walk in front of a house? And then more people!

-“Did you say Big Penis Therapy?”: fully enunciated

Steve Lacy – “Helmet”
-Is this brainwashing?

Big Dumb Hat
-What if this sketch were only 20 seconds long?
-That’s a Pharrell hat on Heidi
-“You know it’s gonna be oat milk.”