Har-low! (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

Good morning*, dear readers! (*Or afternoon/evening/midnight/apocalypse depending on when you’re reading this.) For my review of the episode of Saturday Night Live with host and musical guest Jack Harlow that originally began airing on October 29, 2022 (but seeped into the early morning hours of October 30), I will simply transcribe the notes I wrote in my “Greendale Community College E Pluribus Anus” notebook while watching.

PBS Newshour
-“Hello, Judas” – That’s so Kenan
-“I can pay for an abortion in the middle of 5th Avenue”

-“local” gas station

Halloween Wedding
-Is this based on a viral tweet?
-Is her name “Doody”?
-Who are the people who don’t get a vote?

A Message from Skechers

Post-Halloween Red Carpet Special
-“Tina Lefaye”? (Fey)
-Patriarky spelled wrong – does that make it scarier?
-“Tom Brady”
-or is he dressed like Jeff Montgomery?

AA Meeting
-“That’s Jason Bateman!”
-Minionese on closed captioning: “Bleep, bleep, bleep”
-Is Cecily’s character related to Cathy Anne?

2020 Part 2: 2024 Trailer
-“Listen to yourself!”

-“get my guac on”
-Is that real glass?

Jack H. – “Lil Secret”/”First Class”
-Is “First Class” a sequel to “Lil Secret”?

-“Oh no, was it Kanye?”
-Nougats in Pretzels … took me a minute
Drunk Uncle
-All Hallow’s Steve
-Drunk Uncle’s beard looks really nicely styled
-“Excuse me, I quit.” – People will use this now
-I think Drunk Uncle was too drunk to be at Jan. 6th
-Abbott Elementary salute
-“Gay guys are still funnier than women.”

Cellblock 666: The Ride
-“low-key jump”
-“only time will hell
-“David Pumpkins from?” “Before.”
-“dead ahead”
-Freddy Krueger would team up with David Pumpkins

Jack H. – “State Fair”
-Why shut down the state fair? Why not keep it running?

The View
-Big Oil: “I don’t know him.”

The next episode will involve host Amy Schumer and musical guest Steve Lacy. I’d never heard of Steve before, so I looked him up, and he sounds cool.