Lil B. Gardner (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

Nom nom nom nom nom! That’s the sound of being hungry for new SNL. I’m never not hungry. Luckily, this weekend Michael B. Jordan and Lil Baby both made their debuts, so there was plenty of fresh comedy and music to check out.

Earlier this season, I reviewed an episode by simply transcribing the notes I wrote in my notebook while watching the episode (which I was able to do after clicking “Play” on my DVR). And I loved that so much that I decided to do it again!

Attorney General Merrick Garland
-Do boomers know the “Deal with It” meme?
-Pence needed a friend! 🙂
-“Are you selling Girl Scout cookies?” – nice

-“Tonight, Michael B. Hosting.”
-How many pairs (or more) of people with the same name have both (all) hosted?
-Punkie B. Curious

Good Morning Today
-A physics expert should watch and review this on YouTube
-High temps for snow
-What breed of dog(-sized bat)?

-Little red laptop nipple

Resort Hotel – Towel Guys
-“She’s married to the car”
-“The mission not impossible, ’cause he gonna do it” – Words of Wisdom
-“Jesus is good.” “But money is better.”

State Farm
-Are there multiple Jakes from State Farm?
-“Looking for better rates?”
-“He is NOT a good neighbor!”

Street Fighter Voiceover
-Two “SF” sketches in a row?!
-“Yes, Chef.” – decontextualized
-Auditory Recency Bias
-“Oh, you went to Iraq. Where did you stay?”

Lil Baby, “California Breeze”
-Beginning riff sounds like Christmas music
-He looks like Lil Busta Rhymes

-“Sassy” Jimmy Carter
-Colin: “That election was rigged.” – Did anyone notice that?
Carl the Doorman
-“Hey man, who is Cornelius?”
-Meteorite on top of polar bear
-The one night she forgot to take the kids to her sister’s!
-“Tommy don’t see color”

Male Confidence Seminar
-Jimmy Neutron if he did street magic

Bachelorette Weekend
-“Bitch, where you getting peanut butter?”
-Ma’am, please stop referring to your fetus as a stripper.”
-“Stayin’ Alive” is to CPR as “Pony” is to Labor

Lil Baby, “Forever”
-Rocking the microphone like a baby – nice

King Brothers Toyota
-Why is Raising Cane so popular?
-First daughter’s recital, and his daughter’s a professor? How long have they been trapped?

Falling Down
-Orange soda

“Pedro Pascal, would you like to host SNL?” That’s a question that someone asked, because it’s going to happen next week. Coldplay has already been the multiple guest a bunch of times, and they’re about to do it again.