Aubrey the SNL Host (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

THIS! IS! A! REVIEW! OF! THE! FIRST! NEW! SNL! OF! 2023! Now, as you may be aware, during the month of January, we often say “Happy New Year!” to each other. So, with that in mind, I’m going to review each sketch of this episode according to the format “Happy (Fill in the Blank).” All right, let’s get to it!
Happy New Aubrey Plaza!
Happy New Sam Smith!

NFL on FOX: Happy Everybody Having Fun!

Aubrey Plaza’s Monologue: Happy 11:43 PM Phone Call to Studio 8H!

Miss Universe: Happy Confusion About All the Screaming!

The Black Lotus: Happy Humorous Straightforwardness!

Taboo: Happy Marriage, Apparently!

St. Andrews High School Morning Announcements: Happy Best Nun Friends!

MEGAN 2.0: Happy That Everyone Is Embracing MEGAN!

Sam Smith ft. Kim Petras, “Unholy”: Happy Incredible Reveal!

Weekend Update: The Jokes: Happy Sympathy to Colin Jost About White Plains!
Weekend Update: George Santos: Happy Messy Chaos Drama!
Weekend Update: April Ludgate (and Leslie Knope): Happy Cute Dog Wearing Glasses!

Avatar: Happy MILF Hunting!

Sam Smith, “Gloria”: Happy Eyes Wide Shut Holiday Vibes!

Dovato: Happy Salad Days!

Jack Raughley, P.I.: Happy Unexpected Cameo!

Well, that wraps that up, but we’ve still got plenty of 2023 left. Next week, the host will B Michael B. Jordan, and the musical guest will B Lil Bay-B.