SNL Review October 7, 2017: Gal Gadot/Sam Smith

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CREDIT: Will Heath/NBC

This review was originally posted on News Cult in October 2017.

Love It

Pete Davidson – Pete Davidson’s Update segments were one of those recurring bits that I resigned myself to accepting that they would be good enough but also pretty much the same thing each time. But then wouldn’t you know it, he comes out with a new energy while discussing a condition known for sapping the energy of those it affects. This discussion about depression is far from depressing itself. Instead it is quite agreeably loopy. The doctor’s note to put Pete in more sketches is plainly inspired. Now I actually want to see the sketch that’s about a chicken who ate eggs AND Black Lives Matter!


SNL November 14, 2015 Recap: Elizabeth Banks/Disclosure

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SNL: Disclosure, Elizabeth Banks, Leslie Jones, Sam Smith, Lorde (CREDIT: YouTube Screenshot)

This review was originally posted on Starpulse in November 2015.

“SNL” often responds to its most controversial outings in subsequent episodes, but the Donald Trump spectacle is nary mentioned at all a week later, save for a quick hit on Weekend Update. And this is for the best, because Elizabeth Banks shall not be overshadowed. She has been a deserving host for at least a decade, and in her debut, she puts on a showcase monologue, and then she fades into the ensemble for an episode that is all over the place. Meanwhile, musical guest Disclosure makes it a party by inviting their friends Lorde and Sam Smith.

In lieu of an opening sketch, “SNL” acknowledged the terrorist attack at Paris’ Bataclan Concert Hall with Cecily Strong stating a message of solidarity in both English and French.

Elizabeth Banks’ Monologue (BEST OF THE NIGHT) – “Catching the directing bug” is a simplistic premise, and musical monologues are overdone, but Elizabeth Banks uses the setup to show off her personality – the wisest direction to go when making your “SNL” hosting debut. The flourishes that she adds by taking the reins away from Don Roy King are just weird and edgy enough to start this episode off with some individuality. She is a lady in control, unafraid to demand diversity and make hacky tricks like green screen and star wipes work like gangbusters. B+


SNL Recap March 29, 2014: Louis C.K./Sam Smith

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HealthCare.Gov Meeting
The joke here seemed to be that the president was reluctant to participate in social media campaigns, which is a huge misread on reality, because Obama obviously loved doing Between Two Ferns and revealing his March Madness bracket.  Kyle as the Pope was interesting, though, despite sounding more Italian than Argentinian. C+

Louis C.K.’s Monologue
This is one of the best monologues of the season basically by virtue of being the only stand-up comedy monologue thus far.  Now, Louie is obviously a living legend, but if there is going to be a stand-up monologue, I would prefer if it had a sort of event feel to it, as in Zach Galifianakis’ appearances.  But that’s enough complaining, because this was great material that was tightly put together.  “I don’t know when God started” and “Maybe your life is your weekend with Dad” were the top lines, and how have I not heard words of wisdom like this on the wifebeater until now? A-