The Best of SNL Season 41

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Most Valuable Cast Member
Kate McKinnon
Runner-Up: Cecily Strong
Honorable Mention: Larry David

Best Sketches
For my full thoughts on the best sketches, click here.
1. Yo, Where Jackie Chan At Right Now?
2. Mafia Meeting
3. FBI Simulator
4. bern your enthusiasm
5. Dead Bopz
6. Chad and Mrs. Douglas Show
7. Oprah Winfrey: A Life of Love
8. Screen Guild Awards
9. Close Encounter
10. Farewell, Mr. Bunting

Best Dress Rehearsal Cuts (AKA The “Kyle ‘Cut for Time’ Mooney” Award)
For my full thoughts on the best dress rehearsal cuts, click here.
1. Establishment Shuffle
2. New Studio
3. Not Scared
4. March Madness
5. Bieber Concert

Best 10-to-1 Sketches
1. Dead Bopz
2. Oprah Winfrey: A Life of Love
3. Miley Wedding Tape

Best Hosts
1. Larry David
2. Fred Armisen
3. Ariana Grande

Best Monologues
1. Fred Armisen
2. Elizabeth Banks
3. Tracy Morgan

Best Musical Guests
1. Disclosure
2. Courtney Barnett
3. The 1975

Best Weekend Update Segments
1. Drunk Uncle
2. One-Dimensional Female Character From a Male-Driven Comedy
3. Bruce Chandling

Best Episodes
1. Tracy Morgan/Demi Lovato
2. Fred Armisen/Courtney Barnett
3. Larry David/The 1975
4. Ariana Grande
5. Brie Larson/Alicia Keys

Best Lines
For my full thoughts on the best lines, click here.
13. “Why do we have to labia everything?” – The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party (Cecily Strong), on Weekend Update
12. “Happy Birthday to Mitt Romney who today turns 69. Which for Mormons is a sin.” – Colin Jost, on Weekend Update
11. “We’re at the point where we’re-” “finishing each other’s sente-” “pedes. Human” ““centipedes. Favorite Christmas movie!”” – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, in their monologue
10. “Am I dating a girl, or am I dating … a pop quiz?” – Bruce Chandling (Kyle Mooney), on Weekend Update
9. “How far along are you, Theresa? You look like you’re about to pop.” “We think 2 months, we haven’t been keeping count.” “What?” “We don’t really know how it works, and we don’t believe in doctors. We’re just kinda winging it.” – Baby shower guest (Sasheer Zamata) and Theresa (Vanessa Bayer), in Baby Shower
8. “Jackie Chan was in movies as well as karate.” – Kenan Thompson, in Yo, Where Jackie Chan At Right Now?
7. “My tongue’s not as long as Gene Simmons, but my penis is even shorter.” – Ace Chuggins (Larry David), in Last Call
6. “All of you knuckleheads are getting cars.” – Oprah (Mike O’Brien), in Oprah Winfrey: A Life of Love
5. “God bless you.” “He never has and he never will.” – Colin Jost and Olya Povlatsky (Kate McKinnon), on Weekend Update
4. “Quick, somebody give that hologram a Holo-Grammy. Not my joke, guys, I’m just laser beams.” –Bing Crosby hologram (Beck Bennett), in Dead Bopz
3. “Paul Robeson of Porgy and Bess fame was one of the great singers and civil rights leaders of his day. We used a computer to make him sing ‘Trap Queen.’” –Bing Crosby hologram (Beck Bennett), in Dead Bopz
2. “Poetry should not be fun. It should be oppressive and the reader should hate it. Poems are from a hundred years ago. They were written by a bunch of dead men to punish children. The arts in general are for women and homosexuals. When you read a poem you should never feel emotion. In summary, poems stink.” – Mr. Kellogg (Beck Bennett), in Farewell, Mr. Bunting
1. “Can a bitch get a donut?!” – Kevin Roberts (Larry David), in FBI Simulator

SNL Recap May 21, 2016: Fred Armisen/Courtney Barnett

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My full review can be found on Starpulse:

Bernie and Hillary – B

Fred Armisen’s Monologue (BEST OF THE NIGHT) – A-

Lewis & Clark – B

An SNL Digital Short: Finest Girl – B+

Regine – B

Farewell, Mr. Bunting – B+

Courtney Barnett – “Nobody Really Cares If You Go to the Party” – B+

Weekend Update
The Jokes – B
Dilma Rousseff – B
Willie – B

Escape Pod – B

Woodbridge High School Student Theatre Showcase – B+

Courtney Barnett – “Pedestrian at Best” – B+

The Harkins Brother Band – B

SNL Recap May 14, 2016: Drake

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My full review can be found on Starpulse:

Donald Trump Vice President Selection – C+

Drake’s Monologue – B

Premium Rent-a-Car – C+

American Ninja Warrior – C

Sexy Kinda Evening with Dennis Walls – C-

Office of the Speaker of the House – B-

Drake – “One Dance” – B

Weekend Update
The Jokes – B
Olya Povlatsky – B
Leslie Jones – B-
Jay Pharoah – B-

Black Jeopardy! (BEST OF THE NIGHT) – B+

Drake’s Beef – B

Drake – “Hype” – B

Wilson High School Spring Fling – B+

SNL Recap May 7, 2016: Brie Larson/Alicia Keys

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My full review can be found on Starpulse:

Church Chat – B-

Brie Larson’s Monologue – B-

President Barbie – B+

American Medical Association Interview – B+

Baby Shower – B+

Alicia Keys – “In Common” – B+

Weekend Update
The Jokes – B+
Newscaster of Tomorrow Laura Parsons – B
Sasheer Zamata – B
Pete Davidson – B-

Game of Thrones – B

Quiz Whiz 2018 – B+

Discreet Annihilation – B+

Alicia Keys – “Hallelujah” – B+

Dead Bopz (BEST OF THE NIGHT) – A-

SNL Recap April 16, 2016: Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Nick Jonas

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My full review can be found on Starpulse:

Democratic Presidential Debate – B-

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Monologue – B-

Heroin AM – C+

Long Island Huge Jewelry – C-

The Pool Boy – B-

Cinema Classics – B

Mercedes AA Class – B

Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo – “Close” – B-

Weekend Update
The Jokes – B
Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal – B-
Animal Annie – B-
One-Dimensional Female Character from a Male-Driven Comedy (BEST OF THE NIGHT) – B+

Who Works Here? – B

Nick Jonas – “Champagne Problems” – B Meet ‘N’ Match – B

God Is a Boob Man – B-

SNL Recap April 9, 2016: Russell Crowe/Margo Price

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My full review can be found on Starpulse:

A Message from Hillary Clinton – B

Russell Crowe’s Monologue – B-

Preparation H Advanced Gel – B

Politics Nation – B+

Henry VIII: The Experience – C-

Match Finders (BEST OF THE NIGHT) – B+

Margo Price – “Hurtin’ on the Bottle” – B+

Weekend Update
The Jokes – B+
Deenie – B
Bruce Chandling – B+

100 Days in the Jungle – C

Pogie Pepperoni’s – B

Margo Price – “Since You Put Me Down” – B

Shanice Goodwin: Ninja – C

Oprah Winfrey: A Life of Love – B+

“Space Pants” Lyrics


For your reference purposes.

Begin transmission.
(That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for-)
My pants!

Boys and girls!
I think you’ll find
That my pants
Will blow your mind.

Look at my pants
With the eyes in your face.
My legs are covered
In outer space.

Space pants!
Space pants!
Am wearing
Space pants.

Space pants!
Space pants!
My pants are
Space pants.

Do you see my pants?
No wait! You missed them.
My pants are a tour
Of the solar system.

When I say “space,” you say: “pants.”
Space! (What?)
When I say “space pants,” you say:
“are intergalactic space pants.”
Space pants! (Are intergalactic space pants.)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Hey! You there in front!
Stop talking
During my song.
It’s very rude.

Now joining me on stage
for my grand finale
Is my extremely close friend
Gwen Stefani.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I’m happy to report
My friend Gwen Stefani
Is wearing space shorts.

People on Earth.
Hear what I say.
My shorts are from a galaxy
Far, far away.

Asteroids, comets,
My shorts boldly go
Where no shorts have gone before.

Space shorts!
Space pants.
Space pants!
Space shorts.

Space pants!
Space pants.
Space pants!
Space pants!

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