The Best TV Episodes of 2020

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(CREDIT: FX/YouTube Screenshot)

When making Best Episode lists, some TV critics limit themselves to one entry per show, but I never operate by that self-imposition, as certain shows are just masterful when crafting a single hour or half-hour (or whatever runtime they feel like using), and that ought to be reflected in the ledger. So you’ll find that several shows have wound up more than once in this list, and those tended to be the ones that also fared the best on my Best Shows of 2020 list. You’ll also find at least one program that didn’t make my Best Shows list, as it’s possible to have one excellent outing within an otherwise disappointing season. So forthwith, if someone who missed all TV in 2020 asked me for a refresher, here is where I would direct them:


That’s Auntertainment! Episode 21: The Baby-Sitters Club

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The Baby-Sitters Club (CREDIT: Netflix)

Aunt Beth and Jeff had a great idea: they’re going to record a podcast episode about The Baby-Sitters Club, and they’re going to invite all their favorite family members to join! That’s right, Jeff’s cousin/Aunt Beth’s niece Megan and her daughters Elsa and Mia are here to break it all down as we figure out if we’re a Kristy, a Claudia, a Mary Anne, a Stacey, or a Dawn.