This Is a (Quickie) Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

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The final installment of The Hunger Games is a collection of several great scenes and production details, but the overall product is not commensurately impressive. I bemoaned the announcement that the final book would be split into two movies, and the end result did not disabuse me of this notion. As the rebel fighters make their way to the Capitol, they are bombarded by a succession of ingeniously fiendish mutants and booby traps; they are the dangers of the hunger games themselves unleashed. The rebels are more impressed than intimidated, noting that the gamemakers have not stopped doing their jobs, even though the official games are no more. It is like a large-scale, lethally high-stakes Home Alone. There is plenty of room to draw out thematic points on this canvas, but the approach Part 2 (and Part 1) takes is not ideal for underscoring them. More close-ups of Jennifer Lawrence’s preternaturally expressive face might have helped.

The 21 Best Horror Movies Since 2000

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The AV Club recently posted their list of the best horror films since the turn of the century, so I came up with my own list:


21. Piranha 3D
20. [REC]
19. Final Destination 5
18. Mama
17. Let Me In
16. The Visit